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As a fast moving business, we are constantly striving to improve our service to both our internal and external customers. Consequently our news section does not set out to record every press release we send out but aims to highlight the things that we think are important and relevant to both our clients and our staff.

Work is changing: what does it mean for talent attraction and management?


We’re living through an era of constant change. It’s a historical period the Hopi Indians refer to as powaqqatsi or ‘life in transformation’ - a time defined by endless socio-economic, geopolitical and demographic upheaval, underpinned by rapid te...

Are your employees brand advocates?


In his 1981 short story, Johnny Mnemonic, the Canadian author William Gibson first envisaged a near future where communication via computer networks has become the dominant form of human interaction. Participation within a ubiquitous global net -...

The gender pay gap: European developments


Many believe the issue of differences in pay between men and women in Europe to be perennial. No matter how hard legislators and companies seek to address the glaring imbalance, the gap will always likely be there, rearing out of reports in ever m...