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What We Will Do For You

As a candidate you can be sure of our discretion and confidentiality throughout every stage of the recruitment process. We will make sure that you are kept informed of all developments and that you are always fully briefed before you attend an interview. To make sure that you get as much as possible from every interview, we always ask for feedback from employers so that you can learn from and build upon the experience.

Representing Our Candidates

When we act on your behalf we think of ourselves as your ambassador, and as such we operate the highest possible standards of service. We think that it’s important that you experience an excellent service at all times, even if your application isn't successful. We handle all correspondence on your behalf, saving you valuable time.

The Interview Process

We will provide you with a full briefing of the role, the company and the process to expect. We only put candidates forward for roles that they are interested in and capable of undertaking. Should a candidate be rejected at this stage the rejection is given verbally and the reasoning behind our decision is always fully explained as a guide for future applications.

Candidate Feedback

Applying for a new position involves a huge investment of time and effort. We make sure that we provide comprehensive feedback to candidates following the interview stage. This is important as the information we give will help us to prepare you for the next stage, or move your job search forward in a positive way. Naturally we feel that every stage of the recruitment process is vital, yet we consider the offer management stage crucial. We pride ourselves on being able to manage this delicate stage professionally while remaining unbiased. We often act as a bridge between client and candidate and we will negotiate on your behalf to ensure that an agreement is reached which suits both parties.


We provide a referencing service to our clients, who will receive a report detailing your education and professional qualifications, as well as your key competencies for the role. This gives them an excellent all-round perspective on your background and provides them with reassurance that we have found the right person for the right position. You will be treated with complete respect at all stages of this process and can also take comfort that we carry out these checks. Confidentiality is of great importance to us; your details will only be shared with a company in the final stages of the offer process.

Post Placement

Even after the placement is agreed, our job is far from done. We arrange a post-placement review meeting where we can discuss the entire process. The process is important to us as we ask for and act on candidates’ comments, building a continually better experience with each appointment.